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18 Eyl 2017

The Concept Of Foreign Arbitral Awards Under Turkish Law And The Applicable Recognition And Enforcement Regime

To this day, the issue of nationality of arbitral awards has not been explicitly regulated by a positive legal norm under any national arbitration legislation or...

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24 Tem 2017

Capital Contributions In Joint Stock Companies

Under the Commercial Code 6102, shareholders must contribute capital to commercial companies incorporated by law (the so-called 'contribution obligation')...

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02 Tem 2017

Recent amendments to Law on Movable Pledges in Commercial Transactions

The Law amending Certain Laws to Improve the Investment Environment 7099 (the Amendment Law) was published in the Official Gazette on 10 March 2018. In order to boost.

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10 Şub 2017

New Law On Pledges Over Movable Assets In Commercial Transactions

In an effort to improve collateralisation options and facilitate the access of small and medium-sized businesses to financing, Parliament recently adopted a new law...

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06 Şub 2017

New Communique On Signing Articles Of Association Before Trade Registries

Following the entry into force of the Law Introducing Several Amendments in Different Laws to Improve the Investment Environment in August 2016, the Communique Regarding...

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06 Oca 2017

Recent Amendments On Monetary Limitations To Appeal Decisions Of Turkish Civil Courts

The law no. 6763 (the "Amendment Law"), which was published on the Official Gazette dated 24 November 2016 and entered into force as of such date, has brought amendments...

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05 Ara 2016

Recent Developments To Stamp Tax Law

The Law Introducing Several Amendments in Different Laws to Improve the Investment Environment ("Amendment Law") has been published on the Official Gazette and thus entered...

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25 Kas 2016

New Law For Foreign Workers Enacted

Parliament recently enacted International Workforce Law 6735, which governs the employment of foreign individuals in Turkey...

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03 Kas 2016

Regulation On Protection Of Personal Health Data

Following the long-awaited enactment of Data Protection Law on April 7, 2016 ("Law"), now, the Ministry of Health enacted the Regulation on Protection of Personal...

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